HMDSA Design and Architecture

Image of HMDSA arch

Architectural Features:

  • Platform independent infrastructure for common operations across facilities
  • Scalable - Demonstrated in production over 4 years up to 27K nodes.
  • Integrated streaming and historical analysis
  • Strategy for long term storage and recall of data for trends


Data Collection:
  • Lightweight Distributed Metric Service (LDMS) - data collection and transport. Run-time tunable fidelity (including subsecond) with no adverse impact on application performance
  • Collectors for application and platform data and integration of external collection (e.g. kokkos)
  • Streaming analysis and active feedback capabilities
  • Integrated System Console (ISC) - analytics database, retrieval and display
  • LogDiver+Baler - event tagging and relationship discovery
  • A variety of analysis tools including ML/AI based tools for identification
Actionable Intelligence:
  • Assessments of System Conditions, Application Resource Utilization, and Performance provide actionable insights to be used to improve operations, performance, and system designs:
    • Notifications
    • Dashboards and Visualizations
Feedback and Control:
  • Transport architecture includes flow of analysis results to humans and the system to enable action as a result of analyzed conditions. Examples include:
    • Application rebalancing based on utilization imbalances
    • System scheduler decisions based on congestion areas or application profiles
    • System administrator decision support