Holistic Measurement Driven System Assessment (HMDSA)

Actionable Intelligence at Any Scale


The Holistic Measurement Driven System Assessment (HMDSA) project is designed to enable maximum science production for large-scale high performance computing (HPC) facilities, independent of major component vendor, and within budget constraints of money, space, and power. We accomplish this through development and deployment of scalable, platform-independent, open-source tools and techniques for monitoring, coupled with runtime analysis and feedback, which enables highly efficient HPC system operation and usage and also informs future system improvements.

We take a holistic approach through:

  • Monitoring of all performance impacting information (e.g., atmospheric conditions, physical plant, HPC system components, application resource utilization) with flexible frameworks for variable fidelity data collection to minimize application and/or system overhead,
  • Developing scalable storage, retrieval, and run-time analytics to provide identification of performance impacting behaviors,
  • Developing feedback and problem (e.g., faults, resource depletion, contention) mitigation strategies and mechanisms targeting applications, system software, hardware, and users.

HMDSA Features

HMDSA provides unique capabilities for run-time system assessment and for transforming those insights into actionable knowledge. Features of HDMSA which make it unprecendented among operational and monitoring systems are:


Image of scale vs latency

HMDSA’s architecture and analysis capabilities are exascale-ready, having been demonstrated in production on current large-scale platforms up to 1/4 size of anticipated exascale platforms. Analysis on full-system, long-term data sets have demonstrated computation times for the most complex full-system analysis (a few minutes) down to point-in-time analysis (sub-second) on runtime data. Storage and retrieval have been demonstrated in support of analysis on several continuous years of full system data.

Unprecedented insights into system and application conditions

HMDSA analyses provide high resolution extraction and classification of phenomena with respect to locality, severity, and temporal extent. HMDSA high-fidelity data enables insights into phenomena occurring on timescales unresolvable by traditional monitoring capabilities.

Respond to system conditions at runtime

Flexible placement of analysis components and multi-directional communications enable low latency feedback of analysis results to system software, applications, and managers. This allows action in response to system conditions while applications are still running.

No adverse application impact

HMDSA’s lightweight, low overhead mechanisms enable high fidelity (e.g. sub-second) synchronized, whole-system numeric and event data capture with no adverse application performance impact.

Platform independent. Integration of site-specific resources and capabilties is easy

Operate all platforms in the same way, independent of site and vendor, using HMDSA’s platform independent architecture. Site-specific data sources, storage, analysis, and dashboards can be used within or alongside HDMSA capabilities using HDMSA’s flexible and scalable APIs and transports.